Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ten Facts About Myself


      Hi everybody and I hope everybody are just fine . In life everybody have their own secret and facts about themselves that other people do not know and I would like to share ten facts about myself here .

         The first fact about myself is I was born in 1994 as a premature baby at 1.8kg. After a few months , my weight increased to 2.5kg and that was a miracle and good news for my parents. Unfortunately , at the same time I was found having G6PD by the doctor who examined . G6PD is a deficiency of enzyme call ‘glucose 6 psohpate’ . It is inherited from my father who has G6PD too .  G6PD is not a disease but the person who has G6PD must avoid eating favour beans and touching moth balls in order to maintain the stability of blood that can cause anaemia and gaundice . I was informed by my parents about deficiency and I am glad to say that I managed to follow doctor’s instruction not to take favour beans and touch moth balls . With this precaution I am always in the peak of health .

      The second fact about myself that I want to share with you guys is I do love blogging . I started involved in blogging since last semester and I have my own blog . I found that blogging is a fun way to express feeling and share things with others . I can spend my time on blogging for 3 hours and enjoy it . This is because I like to search famous and other blogger . Through this I can get some information and learn new things about blogging . My favourite blogger are Eijat Abdullah and Irine Nadia . These two blogger always post about their life and I like to read it . Eijat Abdullah's blog is very interesting because he add with his jokes and it is not boring . Please believe me *peace* ! In my opinion sharing stories with others in blog is more comfortable than sharing in twitter or facebook . Well , it just an opinion based on my experience .

      The third fact about myself  is I adore Hana Tajima so much . Hana Tajima is a youtuber on Hijabista . Her style and fashion is just up to date and suitable for muslim woman . Hana Tajima is one of my role model in fashion . She makes tutorial in youtube about on how to wear shawl , scarf and so on . She have many tutorial about Hijabista . She gets many views from her Hijabista tutorial . Not only that ,  her tutorial is easy for me to follow and understand . I can learn new things about fashion from her tutorial . Actually I am still new in this Hijabista style and I want to learn it as many as possible .

        The forth fact about myself is I do not like vegetables . Only certain vegetables that I can eat such as cabbage . hee . My mother always nagging because of I refuse to eat vegetables . I do not even likes ‘ulam’ . However ’ulam’ is my parents favourite’s vegetables . Sometimes I try to eat but I can’t . Because of this , I replace vegetables with fruits . I often eat fruits because it has lots of vitamins . I just love papaya and honeydew so much . Papaya is a good fruit for our stomach . It can decreased constipation . Besides that , I also eat a vitamin C pill from CNI . It is good for out stamina and antibody .

       The fifth fact about myself is I love watching food channel on television especially during fasting month . hee *evil laugh* . It is a common things right ? I love to watch their exotic cooking with an unique idea . It makes the meal looks bombastic and delicious . Now I want to share to all of you who are my favourite celebrity chef . There are Anna Olson , Rachael Ray , Paula , Tyler and many more . I always watch it on Asian Food Channel . It can increase my knowledge about things that we eat everyday . I likes to see how they express their feelings on food . The chef said that every meals have their own secret .

       The sixth fact about myself is about outdoor activities . I do loves outdoor activities so much such as camping , jungle trekking , flying fox and repelling . I always go for a camping when I was in secondary school . This activities is interesting and fun to do with friends . It is not such a boring activity such as reading . hee . Besides that , we can build our character building through outdoor activities . Actually , after SPM I have been chosen to go for PLKN at Selama Perak . At that moment the first thing that cross in my mind is I do not want to go  and I was like ‘why me ‘ ? But at the end after 3 months I felt that this was an unforgettable memories that I will kept in my mind . We do lots of interesting activities . It was a good experience when I able to hold a M16 gun .

      The seven fact about myself is I like to collect scarf . These are one of my hobbies nowdays . I like to collect scarf such as shawl and pashmina . I share this hobby with my beloved mother . My mother and I always exchange scarf that we bought . Nowdays , certain price of the scarf is quite affordable and we can afford it . That is why I like to purchase it and make it one of my scarf collection . Besides make it collection I can wear it anytime and everywhere . Just choose and pick one . The suitable place to purhase is at ‘masjid india’ Kuala Lumpur . You can get more discount than you thought especially during  raya season .

       The eight fact about myself is I hate hypocrite and backstabber person . A person that try to be someone else in order to seek attention from others . People like this we suppose shoot them use M16 gun . haha . Just be ourselves like our parents teach us and just follow the flow of life with full of happiness . This is because positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking . Not only that , try to appreciate everybody that comes in your life and enjoy it . Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it .

        The nine facts about myself is I like red and rainbow colour very much . Something that striking and unique . For example , a red metallic car . Wow it looks so bombastic . To me rainbow colour describe our life and feeling that full of happiness and sadness . When I was small I adore Barbie so much because of its colour and I have pink rollerskate at home that I still keep . The barbie pink  is just nice and attractive . But now I am not one of the barbie’s fan anymore . Lol (Y)

      The last fact about myself is I hate rats and goats . It is because of their fur . But I just love lamb because it is so delicious and juicy . During PLKN , I have a friend that can touch rat and it was disgusting . She did not scared of rat at all and I think that she is a weird person . I even think that is she a real human ? haha . Furthermore , I do not likes rat because of its sound . something like ceitt ceitt ceitt *rat sounds* .

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